”The most unusual experience I’ve ever had”

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Uczniowie klasy I A wzięli udział w konkursie na najciekawsze opowiadanie w języku angielskim pt.:The most unusual experience I’ve ever had”. Lektura przysłanych na konkurs prac okazała się pasjonującym zajęciem, albowiem wyobraźnia i wizja jaką wykazali się uczestnicy na dobre przykuła uwagę jury konkursu. Poniżej publikujemy prace konkursowe, zapraszamy do lektury Smile

I-sze miejsce – Ula Mozyrko

”The most unusual experience I’ve ever had”

I woke up suddenly, awaken by a strange wailing, coming from the side of the ocean. I got out of my bed quickly, changed my clothes and put on my boots. I took my jacket and went out. The night was dark, there was something horrific, something dire in it. It was like unclear promise, which predicts trouble. The sky without the stars hung above my head, the only source of light was the moon, but there was just enough light that I saw only outlines of buildings and trees.  I wrapped myself in a jacket and went to the beach. The cold air was pinching my cheeks.

When I stood at the top of the cliff there was only dreadful sea under me. It should be calm at this time of the year. White manes of waves crashed on the rocks with a bang. I stood there, staring at the restless ocean, when suddenly I heard this wail, which had led me here, again. I quickly ran to the beach. When my feet touched the sand a shiny shape from the water. I immediately recognized a horse in it. Animal wasn’t moving with grace, like other horses, that I’ve met. Its moves were like snake’s moves, fast, precise and confident. Creature approached me, still looking into my eyes. It came so close that I felt the smell of salty water, which emanated from its body. I looked in its lights with vertical pupils and I knew. I knew that it wasn’t a horse. I knew  that it wasn’t any of creatures that I’ve ever met before. I knew what it was. I knew.

A demon.

I should have been scared, I should have run away to save myself  because I knew that this creature, doesn’t matter where it came from, doesn’t matter how it came here, it was deadly dangerous to me. But I stood still. This horse, however perilous and frightening, was beautiful. Exceptionally beautiful. I couldn’t look away from it. The animal shifted uneasily, I went back and fell over.

And that was my mistake.

Its pupils changed into thin, vertical lines, eyes took the red color. It stared at me with wild eyes, like the hunter looks at his victim. And it was so – I was a scared mouse, it was a big hawk, ready to lacerate me on pieces. I froze motionless, barely breathing. And we were looking at each other, me – scared to death, it – ready to attack.

When I was lying there, waiting for death, a 17-years-old boy appeared on the beach. I’ve never seen him before. He had dark brown hair and beautiful silver-green eyes. He emerged from the water, like the demon before, which was watching him, not me. He walked slowly to the horse and in his throat swelled rumble, which then changed into snarl. The horse put his ears and whined. The boy snarled louder. The animal turned towards the water and disappeared among the waves. The boy ran up to me, still lying on the sand.

– ‘Are you all right?’ – he asked.

– ‘Yes, I think so. What was that?’

– ‘Something you shouldn’t have ever seen. You are lucky you have survived’ – he said and changed into a horse, the same as the one that just wanted to devour me. He turned and walked towards the ocean. But he stopped just in front of the water and looked at me.

– ‘Thank you’ – I whispered, but I was not sure if he heard me. And then he too disappeared into the sea, leaving me alone on the beach.


II-gie miejsce – Inez Sitnicka

”One day in the desert”

It was the summer of 2011. My parents and I decided to fly for a two-week summer holiday in Phoenix, Arizona to visit our friends. We wanted go to sightseeing the west of the US.

One Monday morning, we were going shopping when suddenly I saw the sky was turning grey. I thought it had to be something wrong. It was a moment and the wind started blowing yellow sand from the desert. All the neighbours went out into the street to see what was going on. Children cried because they didn’t understand what was happening. They couldn’t watch TV or play computer games because the electricity was turned off for security reasons. People looked a little worried. I could feel the sand everywhere: in my eyes, nose, mouth and hair. The sand covered cars, gardens and everything looked like a sand-land. Some alarms went off. All neighbours from my street decided to hide. So they went to the  nearest underground parking where they felt safe. But suddenly somebody remembered about his ill neighbour who lived alone. He liked her very much so without hesitation he ran to her house to take her to a safe place. When he went there, everyone was worried about him. Some of his friends wanted to help but we told them not to because the wind got stronger. After two hours the wind stopped blowing and we could go out on the street. I saw that all green plants were broken but we felt relieved that our house wasn’t damaged too much. Only one window was broken and there was a lot of sand inside. It took us a lot of time to clean up the house.

It has been the most memorable experience of a small natural disaster in my life. I’ll never forget it.


III-cie miejsce – Katarzyna Goławska

”The plane crash”

It’s a story about people who survived a dangerous accident.

My brother Chris and I were in the garden, playing football. A few minutes later our mother went out to us and she asked us to come home because we were in danger.

We went home and ran quickly to our basement. I was afraid and I started crying. Then suddenly, we heard a loud noise. I thought it was an earthquake, but it was something different. A plane crashed in front of our house. After a few minutes we got out of the basement. I saw many people outside who were getting out of the plane and going to our house. They had burns and injuries on their faces and bodies. Their clothes were completely destroyed. My mum let them come into our home. She gave them water and she was taking care of their wounds (she is a nurse). They called their families. My brother called an ambulance. Fortunately, almost all the passengers have survived. There was only one victim, a pilot of the airplane, whose cabin was totally destroyed.

People from our neighborhood were talking about this accident for long months after it. For me it was a horrible experience and I do not want to remember it and talk about it. I had horrible nightmares for a long time after the crash.


IV-te miejsce – Małgorzata Sowa


That day was sunny and hot. My mum was sunbathing and me, my sister and my father were bathing in the sea. Everything was very good. That was my favourite holiday, but…

Suddenly, a strong wind started to blow. In one minute, it became very cold, dark and terrifying. We decided to go back from the beach. Then I heard a soft noise, so I began packing my things faster. Some time later I heard the noise again, but now the noise was much louder. My sister was very scared. I tried to calm her down and I saw a massive wave moving towards us. Everybody was running away. Everyone was screaming. I grabbed my sister and we ran quickly together. We were running when suddenly the wave hit me. I was slowly drowning when my father’s hand grabbed me and pulled me up. I looked around and I saw the wave slowly disappearing. I was very relieved to be alive.

Next day, we went to the beach again. Everything was damaged and destroyed. That was the most unusual and terrifying experience I’ve ever had.

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